What to Know Before Ordering Your Next BGA Sockets

Here is what you need to know.

When purchasing Burn-In sockets for any BGA device regardless of size, pitch, or substrate type, consistent electrical and thermal characteristics are vital to your test results. Without a stable interconnect it is difficult to achieve consistently dependable outputs.

We regularly collaborate with a wide array of customers. Whether you are on a fact-finding mission or know exactly what you need, it’s important to have a trusted partner who you can count on the entire way.

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Companies in the early stages of device development have the need for collaboration with trusted socket partners. These companies know the end goal and utilize Plastronics expertise to achieve the desired results. Others, such as BIB (burn-in board) suppliers, are clear on the socket type they require so their primary focus is price and delivery.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, we can help. But first, it’s important to detail out a list of things you’ll need to know before making that next order or commitment:

Budget: Before placing an order, it’s essential to know what resources are available. It’s completely understandable to not have an exact number in mind, but to instead think in terms of allotments or ranges. Often this requires internal discussions. When done in advance of placing an order, it equips you with the answers you need to move forward confidently.

Timeline: Depending on the complexity of the requirement, there might be the need for discussions and engineering reviews prior to starting the manufacturing process. Additionally, complex designs with custom components take longer to manufacture. Therefore, it is critical to have a date in mind for when tests need to be completed. If this is known by all parties then everyone can work to the desired schedules.

What Do You Need? Brainstorming and specific answers are two very different things. When you need a collaborative partner to identify the solution to your problem, it is an altogether different conversation than generating a quote for a predetermined scope of work. Thankfully, we specialize in both approaches and know the challenges and opportunities that can arise as a result.

Constraints: As with anything in our industry, it is essential to identify limitations early on. These are not deal-breakers, but an acknowledgment that achieving results sometimes requires innovation. We often see engineering teams come to the table with limits around workforce, timing, size, and a wide range of challenges with temperature, current, and frequency. Knowing those constraints upfront positions you to make an informed decision with your next order of BGA Sockets.

Big Picture: We thrive on matching your biggest goals and visions with our expertise. When we know desired outcomes from the beginning, it drives innovation and gets you the parts and results you need. Understanding this up front before requesting your next order will go a long way to ensuring your success.

Our role in your next burn-in socket requirement is to help further your big objectives. No matter what your product, market, or end application, we have dedicated ourselves over the last four-plus decades to equipping you with sockets that mate perfect form, fit and function with your needs. We pride ourselves on offering the interconnect solutions so your test applications are
conducted on time and within budget.

When you can identify what you need upfront, you will operate more smoothly and efficiently into the future. Plastronics is here to help with that process.

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