SWaP-C and Temperature: Semiconductor Reliability Test Experience That Leads to Greater Connector Confidence

The importance of semiconductor stress testing and how that translates to greater connector durability and dependability

Leaders throughout the larger connector industry are becoming increasingly aware of the Military/Aerospace acronym; SWaP-C. In definition, SWaP-C is an acronym used in reference to optimizing the Size, Weight, Power, and Cost of electronic devices or applications.

For our clients in automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, and even military, the objective is to survive extreme temperatures and environmental stresses to ensure it remains durable and dependable under a variety of circumstances.

When it comes to reliability testing, there are two main approaches to keep in mind:

High Temperature Operating Life Tests
This first type of stress test, high temperature operating life tests (HTOL), provides an operational survivability test of computer chips and board assembles prior to leaving the manufacturing factory. Operating in a high temperature environment for an extended period of time is a critical semiconductor functional test, but it is also crucial as a standard operating condition for automotive electronics and down hole exploration and other energy applications.  

And, here is why it matters. Our semiconductor customers are using these stressful conditions to test the chips that ultimately make it into your electronics. Our connectors are tested and proven to survive these extreme conditions before your electronics kits are even assembled. Increasing temperature in a calculated manner allows for the same stress effects in less time. When you have more time, it leads to greater efficiencies and healthier margins.

Highly Accelerated Stress Tests

When performing highly accelerated stress tests (HAST), the ultimate goal is to push the object in question until it fails to determine the limits of its lifespan and abilities. During this process, a bathtub curve is often identified which helps predict the sweet spot of useful life. HAST conditions force the natural curve between production flaws and end-of-life mortality in semiconductor devices. It’s important to gather data around infant and end-of-life mortality in devices because all good components have an acceptable lifespan

Highly accelerated stress tests differ from high temperature operating life tests in that relative humidity is introduced (approximately 85% in most cases) which leads to shorter return times for you.

Why is all this important?

This is the critical question in all your efforts. We know you need solutions to your biggest challenges because industries like auto, military, aerospace, and others are not sitting still. Chances are good we were involved in the stress-testing of the computer chips in your applications which means the connector we provide you is proven to meet the harsh conditions of your extreme temperature applications. The technology of yesterday has a shelf life. Staying ahead of the curve requires innovation. It requires confidence in each and every part you use. Reliability testing is not an expense, but an investment. We are confident that any connectors we make will thrive under your extreme conditions. 

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Certainty in those parts is the building block of confidence in your operation.

Here at Plastronics, we work with semi-conductor test leaders leaders who stress thousands of applications like yours each and every year using HTOL and HAST processes, which only strengthens the structure of our H-Pin manufacturing efforts.

Using our H-Pins means you get a perfect match because they:

  • Survive excessive heat
  • Perform well
  • Fit into small spaces

Furthermore, when you and your end users can predict life spans with relative certainty, it fortifies your operational strategy and alleviates risk. And when it comes to our industry, elements of uncertainty in our processes are an outright threat to success.

Our goal? Help you push the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s why we are so proud of the way our H-Pin performs for partners like you in both hot and cold environments.

We understand the immense responsibility you feel to each and every end user who is counting on your product to work. Every day we count soldiers, pilots, automotive engineers, medical professionals and patients, and a whole host of other individuals among those shared end users.

We bring 40 years of semiconductor reliability test experience to the industry. It is all based on the ability to ensure constant and unfailing electrical interconnect during stress testing of computer chips. We are committed to pushing boundaries for leaders like you through an innovative manufacturing process.

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