The Keys to Digital Transformation for Telecom Manufacturers and the Consumer Electronics Industry

Never before have communication devices and consumer electronics been both abundant and critical to our way of life. Especially with today’s emphasis on remote work, telecommunication and other digital devices are crucial to keeping one’s job. 

Telecom manufacturers and the consumer electronics manufacturing industry are faced with many of the same challenges– and they can be solved with the same solutions.


Top 3 Demands for Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics

The telecommunications industry and consumer electronics industry have 3 challenges in common: 

  1. The demand for faster signal speeds
  2. The need for performance consistency 
  3. The limitations of device dimensions

Technologies that provide fast, reliable communications are revolutionizing everything from our ability to explore the universe to how we connect with long-distance relatives. To meet these growing demands for thinner applications, digital transformation is a requirement. And yet, designing the next generation of miniaturized custom electronics can be a daunting task. 

These technologies can only work when the signal integrity within their smallest components can be counted upon. 


What is Digital Transformation for Telecom or Consumer Electronics?

Digital transformation in manufacturing telecom devices and consumer electronics looks like this: smaller, faster, more reliable.  

Bigger no longer means better. Today’s consumer electronics pack more technology and features into already-tight spaces. The continued emergence of IoT applications and the ongoing wave of 5G innovations will only push the demand for circuit board space as consumers ask for better, faster, and smaller devices.

So, whether you manufacture active wearables, smartphones, commercial low earth (LEO) satellites, GPS units, home surveillance electronics, laptops, game consoles, routers, or even fax machines – they all must meet these modern consumer demands and undergo digital transformation.


Why is Digital Transformation Important?

High signal performance empowers the new world of communications and data exchange. Outside of this grander impact on society, digital transformation in manufacturing these telecom devices means your company gains:

  • A competitive edge in a competitive market
  • Reputation for reliability and consistency 
  • A strong, proven foundation on which to innovate
  • Time and money redirected toward the business

Without components that push the boundaries of connectivity and size, you can’t push the boundaries of your telecommunication applications.


What technologies enable digital transformation?

Your number-one goal is to maintain and improve signal integrity in your small devices, but smaller devices need smaller components. Here are the interconnect technologies that enable BOTH tech miniaturization and consistent, high signal performance.

The H-Pin

The H-Pin is Plastronics’ patented custom pin that provides superior signal performance thanks to the simplicity of its extremely small design and the quality of its manufacturing. 

Secured by a stainless steel wound spring, the H-Pin’s two beryllium copper stampings provide a reliable single beam conductor for superior signal integrity, yielding flat resistance curves, and a gas-tight conductivity. 

With the H-Pin’s uniquely small size and signal integrity, manufacturers can do more in a smaller footprint, offer more functionality, enable the device to work faster, and create a better user experience. The H-pin is already a vital part of making next-generation electronics better. 


Download the H-Pin Guide

Custom Connectors

Our small electrical connectors are best suited for a wide array of vertical connectors, fixtures and other custom applications. Custom connectors:

  • Have less lead time once tooling has been fabricated
  • Save money long-term by getting it right from the start 
  • Allow for custom design specifications
  • Can be designed with any required ingress protection 
  • Reduce the component count within devices 

Automated Manufacturing Process 

Digital transformation starts with the inner components – but it also matters how these components are made. 

At Plastronics, we reinvented traditional manufacturing techniques, creating a fully-automated manufacturing and semiconductor testing process that has only gotten better and our components smaller. 

Our largest connectors and pins are still smaller than anything in the catalog. By design and via our unique processes, we have reduced the size of the component and the component count for these pins and connectors. The result is an elegant, simple design stack-up.


Saving Space When Designing Next-Gen Telecom Devices and Consumer Electronics 

Consumer culture will always demand the most functionality in the smallest space. As our world’s desire to connect things only grows stronger, so too will our collective understanding of the importance of components that enable these vital technologies to do their jobs. 

How will you ensure your devices can achieve maximum performance in the smallest possible form? Plastronics has the application experience and available resources to help you optimize your next design. Reach out to us to help you find an optimal solution. 

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