Avoiding Risk In Your Product Development

Unhealthy risk is something we all try to avoid.

It’s why companies have risk management divisions, and it’s why we do everything in our power to personally avoid situations that put us in danger.

When it comes to our industry, elements of uncertainty in our processes are an outright threat to success. We help you push the boundaries of what’s possible through innovating with proven commodities.

We understand the immense responsibility you feel to each and every end user who is counting on your product to work.

Every day, we count soldiers, pilots, medical professionals and patients, and a whole host of other individuals among those shared end users.Schedule a Consultation

It’s dependability and consistency that lead to efficiency and enhanced profitability– no matter which product is in development.

That’s what is so special about the pins, connectors, and sockets we create here at Plastronics. We know that sub-assemblies you cannot rely on lead to big risks. That’s why we focus on pins, connectors, and sockets so that every one of our clients can focus on their specialty. We exist to solve industry challenges that enable you to create amazing consumer, business, and military-grade electronics.

We do that through placing process controls from the design phase all the way through to manufacturing and assembly. Getting things done right is important to you. Our fully automated process removes human error and ensures that pin one and one million are exactly the same.

How? Every single critical dimension of our high performance pin is measured in situ during the manufacturing process.

Why? An infallible review process not marred by human inspectors leads to a process that has repeatability, predictability, and ultimately reliability.

As the engineering team on the job, every component you utilize either lends to or detracts from your credibility.

Whether it’s advanced battlefield electronics or the next generation game console, we strive to be a dependable partner you can trust.

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You need a formula that couples improved performance alongside less risk.

Let’s face it. Dependable, off-the-shelf parts can work. But, the sweet spot for any team like yours is having a suite of proven parts that push the boundaries of innovation all while reducing risk at the same time. It’s the foundation of improved performance.

We have come to realize that engineering teams bound by the limited view of a catalogue are forced to compromise. It brings frustration, added cost, and wasted time.

We did not simply design a new product. We designed an entirely new process to mitigate risk and deliver consistent results. Know what that’s done for our strategic partners like you?

They’ve turned out of reach problems that off the shelf products simply could not touch into more efficient processes that result in higher margins, more time, and less headaches.

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